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Membership in the American First Day Cover Society is just $30 annually ($40 for non-US residents) or just $24 annually worldwide for online delivery of First Days.

Your membership has many benefits including our award winning publication, First Days magazine, published and delivered to your door (or downloaded from our site) six times a year. Each issue contains research, checklists, columns, do-it-yourself advice and plenty of FDC information. You will find this your invaluable guide not only to what is going on in the American First Day Cover Society, but to the whole wonderful hobby of First Day Cover Collecting.

Membership in the American First Day Cover Society makes you a better FDC collector: You'll know more about your covers, the history of our branch of philately, and what's happening today in first day covers. You'll see display ads in color from most of the leading dealers in FDCs. And you'll have access to services available only to AFDCS members:
  • Two free non-commercial Cover Exchange ads a year.
  • Discounts on handbooks concentrating on specific areas.
  • AFDCS Court of Honor Christmas FDCs.
  • AFDCS Generic Cachets--always handy to have on hand.
  • A translation service: Wondering what that marking on your FDC means?
  • Slide programs: Give FDC talks at your local club meetings.
Regular and Frequent Features of the AFDCS journal, First Days:
  • The Question Box: Answering questions and expanding your knowledge of first day covers for sixty years.
  • Cachetmakers Spotlight: Features the work of new cachetmakers.
  • Chapter News: News of our chapter activities. There may be a chapter near you.
  • First Cachets Update: Establishing the start of many cachet lines.
  • Book Reviews
  • Single-Issue Cachet Catalogues.
Plus you'll be supporting the hobby, as the AFDCS represents first day covers to the rest of philately, postal services, and others.

Among the Society's recent accomplishments in the past decade as the "FDC Ambassador:"
  • The elevation of first day cover exhibiting: Americover became a World Series of Philately show and the Illustrated Mail division of exhibiting was established.
  • A special exhibit of first day covers at Washington 2006, the U.S. international stamp exhibition, to show the International Federation of Philately that FDCs deserve international recognition.
  • Ongoing dialogues with the U.S. Postal Service about FDC collector and cachetmaker concerns.
  • Production and distribution of a brochure explaining first day covers to the rights-holders of stamp subjects.
  • First day ceremonies for stamps that weren't going to have them.
  • Continued maintenance and contributions to the AFDCS Archives at the American Philatelic Research Library's new facility.

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