Stamps In The Attic at 2010 Show

Stamps In The Attic Program Scheduled For AMERICOVER 2010
Bob Lamb Will Staff Popular Quick Collection Evaluation Program At Suburban Chicago Show In August

There will be an edition of the "Stamp In The Attic" program at AMERICOVER 2010, the American First Day Cover Society's annual show and convention, held this year in Oak Brook, Ill., August 6-8.

Bob Lamb, former executive director of the American Philatelic Society, will staff the booth, where people who have inherited or found collections can bring them for a quick evaluation, and possible referral to one of the dealers at the show. The booth will be sponsored by the National Stamp Dealers Association. There is no charge for the service, and both stamps and covers, as well as first day covers, will be evaluated.

"Every time I've been at a show that has a Stamps In The Attic booth, it's been very popular," said Lloyd A. de Vries, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the AFDCS. "It's really a service to the community, and it’s good for the dealers at the show, too."

Lamb, who evaluates hundreds of collections a year, said that "most of the collections I see were put together by beginners. But at every show someone will bring in a collection which will knock your socks off."

Sometimes the owners have no idea what they have. Lamb estimates that over half of the collections he sees have commercial value and often can be sold to dealers at the show. "Chicago is a good collecting area and I expect to see some very good material there," Lamb added.

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