Anniversary Drive A Huge Success

On October 15, the American First Day Cover Society marked its 62nd anniversary. We were founded on October 15, 1955, in New York City. In honor of our 62nd anniversary, the AFDCS held a 62-hour pop-up fund raising effort (a pop-up fund raiser is one with a limited duration and targeted donation amounts).

Members were asked to donate either $19.55 (in honor of the year of our founding), $62.00 (for our 62nd anniversary), or any other amount of their choosing.

And our members responded. During the 62-hour period, 49 individuals and three chapters donated


A special thanks to the Claude C. Ries Chapter #48 in Southern California for their donation of $480.00 (in honor of being Chapter #48).

Funds will be used to provide new and more modern services to AFDCS as the AFDCS continues to grow in the 21st century.

We thank these members and chapters for their generosity:

Ron Allen
Dave Bennett
Kenneth Blevins
John Byrnes
William H. Carson
Basil Copeland
Lloyd de Vries
Gill Daoust
Andrew C. Doback
Norman Elrod
Tris Fall
Rev. Raymond Feyes
Bonnie Fuson
Allison Gallaway
Dennis Gelvin
Catharine Genaw
Mark Gereb
Rick Gibson
Mark Goodson
Tamsie Goyer
Eugene Grecheck
Rev. Harold Hand
Jim Hering
Richard Hoffman
William Keleher
A. Francis Kohut
D.A. Lux
John Martin
Bruce Mattheiss
Peter R. McClure
Foster Miller
Eldon Mohler
Ralph Nafziger
Rhett Nilsen
Catherine O'Connor
Terry Ogletree
Tom Peluso
Keith Phillips
Diann Pinkowski
Albert Raddi
Cynthia Scott
Cathy Shenkle
Patricia Walters
Alan Warren
Norman Way
Wesley Westmeyer
John White
Eric Wile
David Zubatsky
Robert C. Graebner Chapter #17
Claude C. Ries Chapter #48
Fred C. Sawyer North Texas Chapter #56

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