Dick Monty Update

I've received the sad news that Richard A. Monty is now in an assisted living facility in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

He was moved to the facility near his brother last month.

You can write to Dick in care of this address:

Ken Monty
920 Marlboro Road
Knoxville, TN 37909-2357

I'm told he would like to get cards and letters, although he may have trouble responding.

For all but four of the 25 years that the AFDCS has had a Board of Directors, Dick was the board's chairman. He served continuously on the Board through that period. Before that, he served in most of the other officer positions. I once referred to him as "the Once and Future President," because twice he was called out of Immediate Past President-hood in the middle of a term to once again be the President.

But his contributions to first day cover collecting weren't just organizational. He spearheaded the ongoing project to research and catalogue "first cachets," the first issues for which a cachetmaker produced designs. The project also catalogues the final cachets. The cachetmakers it documents range from long-running every-issue cachetmakers like ArtCraft to one-time designers who produced a cachet for a single issue, such as museums and foundations.

Dick lived in northern Maryland, where he was a psychologist at the Aberdeen Proving Ground.

We'll miss him.

Lloyd de Vries
AFDCS President

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