July 15 Issue of First Days

AFDCS Puts Journal Issue Online - Free!

Proving there’s a silver lining in every cloud, the July 15, 2010, issue of First Days magazine is available to the public free online.

The printer of the award-winning journal of the American First Day Cover Society announced more than a week after the cover date that it had gone out of business. Not only hadn’t it mailed the issue as scheduled, it hadn’t even printed it.

The AFDCS is now looking for another printer, and already in talks with several, and the issue will be mailed to its members.

Meanwhile, the issue is available for download, to members and non-members alike, simply by clicking here.

The AFDCS leadership felt an obligation to make the issue available in a timely manner to its members, and hopes non-members will take a look at the magazine and see what a great publication it is. A subscription to First Days is one of the principal benefits of membership in the AFDCS, and membership is the only way to get a subscription.

While you’re on AFDCS website, you can apply for membership right here.

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