Americover Call for Volunteers


Volunteering a few hours to help the convention run smoothly is a wonderful way to feel like part of the convention team. It is also a good way to meet and greet everybody attending. We always need members to help in these areas:

  • Society Registration & Information Table (sit-down job – easy!)
  • Exhibit mounting on Thursday and dismounting on Sunday
  • Bourse Dealer Check-In Table
  • Bourse Registration & Information Table (for visitors to the Bourse)
  • AFDCS Information & Sales Table
We like to schedule these jobs in two-hour shifts, starting at 10:00 am. To help with advance planning, please tell Cynthia Scott before you leave home that you are interested in volunteering. State your job preference(s) and the dates and times you can work. Contact Cynthia by mail at 4505 Chapel Dr, Columbus, IN 47203 or send an email to

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