APS Exhibiting Course Offered

Exhibiting for the Prize, April 27-28, 2011, with Rich Drews and Tony Wawrukiewicz in San Francisco prior to WESTPEX

Land the big one with this two-day course! Starting with a quick review of the basics, this course will delve into intermediate and advanced level topics of exhibiting to help exhibitors who wish to win a Grand Award or beyond, or to compete at the challenging international levels.

Students will explore how judging takes place in all the various exhibiting divisions. They will discover what considerations ― including treatment, succinctly conveying knowledge and research, and difficulty of acquisition ― will affect award level, and gain insight into what is in the mind of judges as they make their decisions. Drews and Wawrukiewicz, two award winning exhibitors and APS judges, will explain what separates Silver and Vermeil from Gold, and what it takes to reach the sought-after Grand Award level. Exhibitors will be encouraged to bring their exhibits for assistance and comparison with a wide range of successful exhibits in all disciplines.

Register by April 6, 2011 and receive a $15 discount. Cost is $195 for APS members, $295 for nonmembers. The course meets 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. with a break for lunch. Lunch is not included in the registration fee. The contact person is Gretchen Moody, APS Director of Education, gretchen@stamps.org, 814-933-3810.

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