AFDCS Needs Auction Material

The AFDCS is in dire need of FDCs and other philatelic items. Donations have been minimal this year, and the Auction Committee is very concerned that future auctions, especially the next journal/website auction (2018 Spring Auction 86), will not have the usual number of lots for bidders. The need is greatest for collections and accumulations of large quantities of covers with a variety of cachetmakers. Other material, however, is always welcome.

The auctions are one of the two major sources of funding the AFDCS. With this funding, the AFDCS is able to continue to provide the many benefits to its members.

Please consider making a large or small donation to the AFDCS by sending it to Michael Litvak, Auction Chair, at 1866 Loma Vista St., Pasadena, CA 91104-4005. Upon receipt, Michael will mail a letter acknowledging your donation, which you may use for tax purposes. Remember that, if your donation exceeds a value of $50, you will receive a special “Thank You” FDC designed by Dave Bennett, award winning cachetmaker and member of the Auction Committee.

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