Show Event Cachet Designs

Cachet designs for the complimentary covers given to attendees of AMERICOVER 2010 events have been revealed.

Dave Curtis has produced cachets for two events. The first one will be given to those who participate in the Thursday, August 5 “field trip” to the Field Museum, which features permanent exhibitions on the Ancient Americas, Nature and Ecosystems, Rocks and Fossils, and . . . DINOSAURS!

The second Curtis design is for attendees of the President’s Banquet on Friday, August 6:

Tom Peluso (Therome Cachets) designed the cachet for the final event, the outing to Tommy Gun’s Garage on Sunday, August 8, after the show closes:

The Tommy Gun’s covers will be printed on cream colored envelopes and feature a 3D Model A Ford picture insert. They will be serviced with either James Cagney or Frank Sinatra stamps.

How do you get one or all of these beauties? It’s easy--just attend these events! Sign up by clicking here. But do it today, because the number of finished covers (stamped and postmarked) will be limited to just 30 for the Field Trip, 100 for the Banquet, and 50 for Tommy Gun’s Garage. Covers will go to those who purchase their tickets the earliest.

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