APS Offers FDC Course

The American Philatelic Society is offering the course “Expertizing FDCs and EDUs” as part of its continuing education series. The course will be held June 17–18, 2010 at the American Philatelic Center. The cost for is $149 for APS members; $249 for nonmembers.

Participants will learn the tools to authenticate first day and earliest-use U.S. covers and to identify faked and forged covers with confidence. Those who develop these skills may qualify to serve the hobby as expertizers for the American Philatelic Society’s APEX Service and the American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS). Use of published and archival references and online databases are essential skills for FDC/EDU experts, so the AFDCS Archives and American Philatelic Resource Library resources will be employed. Forensic analysis using the Crimescope CS-16 will be included. Students should be familiar with first day covers and/or postal history.

For more information, download this information sheet. Register for the course directly on the APS website via this link.

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