Message from the President

You may have read in American Philatelist that AFDCS Membership Chair Foster Miller has been suspended by the American Philatelic Society for embezzling funds from “a philatelic organization.” That organization was not the American First Day Cover Society.

Foster does handle AFDCS cover sales and other sales at APS shows, and mail-order sales for AFDCS covers. We have no reason to suspect any impropriety with our funds has occurred. Since I often help him staff the show tables, I’ve watched how careful he is with the accounting of the cash.

In fact, whenever Foster has been involved in an AFDCS operation that involved money, the Society usually benefits from his generosity: Foster often pays the expenses himself, asking for no more than a letter acknowledging his donation.

What Foster did with this other organization was wrong. He admits it, he has apologized and made full restitution, and accepts the APS penalties.

There are, in my opinion, no grounds for taking any action within the AFDCS. Our Society was not a party to this embezzlement, nor has the victim filed a complaint with the AFDCS. I don’t think we would be the proper venue for such a complaint anyway.

Foster Miller is a valued member of our community, filling many key positions within the AFDCS. He had a problem that’s now been resolved. He continues to have my support. I ask that you give him yours, too.

Lloyd de Vries
AFDCS President

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