Americover Exhibits "Sold Out"

Americover 2012 Sells Out Exhibit Space

Exhibitors have filled 158 competitive frames for Americover 2012, the American First Day Cover Society's World Series of Philately (WSP) show that will be held Aug. 10-12 in Irvine, Calif.

It's "wonderful news," says show chair Cynthia Scott.

As a WSP show, the winner of the Grand Award at Americover 2012 will be part of the Champion of Champions competition at Stampshow 2013. Andrew McFarlane, winner of the 2011 Grand with "The 1947 Postage Stamp Centenary Commemorative," will represent Americover this summer in Sacramento, Calif.

When six or more competitive single-frame exhibits are entered, the Curtis B. Patterson Award recipient for the best single-frame exhibit will be invited to enter the APS Single-Frame Champion of Champions competition at AmeriStamp Expo. Due to lack of sufficient entries, there will be no such entrant from Americover 2012.

Besides its Grand and Reserve Grand awards, Americover offers special awards from both the AFDCS and other philatelic societies, including ones for best exhibits of foreign FDCs, topical FDCs, pre-1931 FDCs, best exhibits by a novice and a youth, and best single-frame exhibit.

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