Americover Exhibit Jury Named

Frederick P. Lawrence of Arizona will head the exhibits jury at Americover 2019, a World Series of Philately show that will be held July 26-28 in Saint Louis.

He will be joined by Robert D. Hohertz of Minnesota, Jerry H. Miller of Illlinois, Allison Cusick of Pennsylvania and David S. Ball of Massachusetts.

The prospectus can be downloaded here or obtained by regular mail from Kerry Heffner, 17656 K Street, Omaha, NE 68135-3491, or e-mail at The deadline for entering the Americover 2019 exhibition is June 1, 2019, or whenever the 160 available frames fill up.

The emphasis at Americover is on First Day Cover exhibits, and about three-fourths of each exhibit should consist of FDCs and related material.

Lawrence has been a collector and exhibitor of Scouts and Scouting on stamps since 1960, and is an international-level judge

Hohertz is president of the American Revenue Association and has been writing lately about the Prexies (Presidential Series of 1938). He reports he is “currently working on an ambitious first day cover exhibit.”

Miller has won nine grand awards with different exhibits at WSP exhibitions and is director of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors’ Exhibit Critique Service.

Cusick began seriously collecting first day covers nearly 50 years ago, and has served the AFDCS as president and in other capacities. He is a past winner of the society’s Distinguished Service Award and was just appointed chair of the DSA committee.

Ball is the U.S. delegate to the International Federation of Philately for Astrophilately (space- and astronomy-related material). He is also president of the Northeastern Federation of Stamp Clubs and a past executive director of the Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History.

As a WSP show, the winner of the Grand Award at Americover 2019 will be part of the Champion of Champions competition at StampShow 2020. Charles J. O’Brien, III, winner of the 2018 Grand with Frank Lloyd Wright-First Days and Usage of the Two Cent Issue, will represent Americover this summer in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Americover Grand prize is again a crystal pyramid provided by the AFDCS' Claude C. Ries Chapter. {The 2017 version, shown on the right, is essentially the same as will be awarded in 2019.)

In addition, if six or more competitive single-frame exhibits are entered, the Curtis B. Patterson Award recipient for the best single-frame exhibit will be invited to enter the APS Single-Frame Champion of Champions competition at Saint Louis Stamp Expo in March 2020.

Besides its Grand and Reserve Grand awards, Americover offers special awards from both the AFDCS and other philatelic societies, including ones for best exhibits of foreign FDCs, topical FDCs, and pre-1931 FDCs, best exhibits by a novice and a youth, and best single-frame exhibit.

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