Peter McClure Receives DSA

Peter McClure (left) receives the DSA from Foster Miller

Peter McClure of Iowa Falls, Iowa is the 2017 recipient of the American First Day Cover Society’s Distinguished Service Award.

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is presented in recognition of outstanding service to the AFDCS. The award is presented from time to time and is not given each year. The award recognizes those individuals who have truly contributed an outstanding effort on behalf of the society. Only living AFDCS members in good standing and who have not previously received the DSA are eligible to receive the award.

Peter McClure is exactly what any organization wants in a volunteer. He doesn’t say why a job shouldn’t be done. He doesn’t tell you how the job should be done. He just does what is needed to be done. He doesn’t look for recognition beyond an occasional Bud Light. He just gets the job done.

For the past five years, without recognition or acclaim, Peter has cacheted thousands of CEC/FM AFDCS cachets for the AFDCS Cachetmaker Series, producing new cachets for almost every US stamp issue. The sale of these covers has brought much needed revenue to the AFDCS, allowing the organization to maintain financial stability. Since 2013, he has produced the annual AFDCS Youth Scholarship first day cover.

Peter has staffed AFDCS recruitment and sales tables at APS shows since 2008. He was the primary staffer for the AFDCS tables at AmeriStamp Expo 2015 and 2017. Peter does this at his own expense and seeks no recognition for his efforts. He has staffed the AFDCS table at multiple Americover shows and at cachetmaker bourses. He assists with the setup of the annual Americover Live Fund Raising Auction and is the runner for the auction. And he will help anywhere else he is needed.

Peter started as a cachetmaker in the 1990s, producing first day covers first for his own use and then later (1999-2006) for sale on eBay. He cachet lines have included Cuv Evanson Cachets (frequently shortened to CEC), Sheky (for covers produced by his “evil twin”), and Bing (covers done in the style of Crosby cachets). The cachets he produces for the AFDCS Cachetmaker Series are labeled either CEC AFDCS or CEC/FM AFDCS.

Peter collects Iowa related first covers, including Scott #838 (Iowa Territory), Scott #942 (Iowa Statehood Centennial), Scott #3088-3089 (Iowa Statehood Sesquicentennial), UX123 (Iowa Territory Sesquicentennial), and the 2002 Greetings from Iowa stamps. He is especially interested in first day covers of the 2010 Roy Rogers stamp (Scott #4444) and the 2014 Janis Joplin stamp (Scott #4916). In addition to first day cover collecting, he is an avid gardener.

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