Richard A. Monty, 1935-2013


The American First Day Cover Society is mourning the death of Richard A. Monty, a long-time leader of the organization, and a pioneer in cachet research. He was 78.

"Dick was a tireless volunteer for AFDCS, ever willing to step up when the Society needed help. His service in many, varied roles rendered him invaluable," said Allison Cusick, who was executive vice president and president when Monty first took on AFDCS leadership roles.

"For some 30 years, Dick was the backbone of the Society," added current AFDCS president Lloyd de Vries. "His FDC research was also invaluable."

Monty was chairman of the Board of Directors from the board's creation in 1986 to 1988 and again from 1991 to 2008 – a total of 21 years.

He was an avid collector of first cachets, the first envelope designs produced by a particular FDC servicer. He began documenting them in First Days in 1982, and then had an update in practically every issue for nearly 30 years. He was a co-author of Mellone's First Cachets: A FDC Reference Catalog, first published in 1980, and became its lead author by 1989. He also wrote The Specialized Catalogue of Jacques Minkus F.D.C.s and Patriotic Cachets (1977).

Monty was an active member of the First Days editorial team, and wrote hundreds of articles for the AFDCS journal. His first was in 1976, just three years after he began collecting FDCs.

He also joined the AFDCS in June 1973 and became a life member four years later. Earlier that same year, 1977, he took his first leadership position, Slide Program Editor. By 1979, he was executive vice president, and took over as president a year later.

Monty was a recipient of the AFDCS Distinguished Service Award, and was named an Honorary Life Member in 2001.

Monty was born in Sanford, Maine, on April 2, 1935. He attended Boston University, Columbia University, and the University of Rochester, from which he earned a doctorate in experimental psychology. He retired as chief of psychological research on vision, hearing and memory from the Army Research Laboratory at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1997.

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