Board Election Results


Members of the American First Day Cover Society have elected six people to its Board of Directors. The 279 ballots cast this year was much larger than usual, more than double the number in 2019.

The four candidates receiving the most votes will serve three-year terms beginning January 1, 2021:

Foster Miller
Gary Denis
Mark Thompson
Kris McIntosh

Two candidates will complete the unexpired terms of Tom Peluso (two more years) and Doug Kelsey (one more year), and take office immediately:

Tamsie Goyer
Michael Lake

Three other candidates were not elected:

D.A. Lux
Ron Klimley
A. Francis Kohut

There was one write-in vote, for Eric Wile.

Miller, Denis and Thompson are incumbents and are respectively Membership Chair, Education Chair and Treasurer. McIntosh is a retired high school history teacher who splits her time in several Western states. Goyer lives in Oklahoma but flies to Southern California for meetings of the AFDCS chapter there. Lake lives in Connecticut and works for ESPN Sports; he joined the AFDCS as a junior.

Board chairman Cynthia Scott and President Lloyd de Vries thanked Elections Committee chair Otto Thamasett and committee members Neal Parr and Jack Ginsburg, all members of the Robert C. Graebner Chapter of the AFDCS, for their work in counting the ballots in this year's election, and the Nominating Committee chaired by Michael Litvak for recruiting the candidates.

Four seats on the AFDCS Board of Directors are elected each year for three-year terms, beginning Jan. 1. In addition to the 12 elected directors, the president, the editor of the official journal First Days, and the general counsel serve on the board ex officio, if not elected to the board in their own right.

The current board, plus directors who will be seated on Jan. 1, will now vote for the elected officers (president, executive vice president, first vice president, recording secretary, treasurer) and a chairman of the board, to serve one-year terms.

AFDCS directors are not compensated nor reimbursed for their travel expenses.

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