Achgill Receives DSA at Show

AFDCS President Lloyd de Vries (left) presents DSA to Ralph Achgill.

The following remarks were delivered by Alan Warren at the AFDCS membership meeting on August 7:

This year the Distinguished Service Award Committee is pleased to honor one more outstanding member of the Society. Our honoree is a cachetmaker. If you visit the Virtual Stamp Club site (is there anyone in the room who does not visit the Virtual Stamp Club?!) and go to “Lloyd’s Fun FDCs Gallery,” you will see a neat cover made by this cachetmaker in 1991. It celebrates the NCAA championship games in Indianapolis that year and is an event cover cancelled April 1, 1991, the date of the final game of the series. However, the cachetmaker then added the Basketball Centennial stamp a few months later, cancelled first day August 28, 1991, thus making a dual-cancelled event/FDC.

Our honoree is a first day cover dealer and has been in this business over 25 years. I would venture to say that most of us have purchased from his booth or his online web site.

Our honoree has been a member of the Society’s board of directors from 2002 and still serves as a director. He is former chairman of the Education Department and also served on the Executive Committee. For four years he chaired the Cachetmakers Contest.

Most importantly today our honoree is the AFDCS convention dealer bourse contractor and is responsible for negotiating the many arrangements with individual dealers as well as with the convention hotel. In view of these contributions to our Society, the Distinguished Service Award is presented to Ralph K. Achgill.

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