AFDCS Re-elects Officers for 2013

The Board of Directors of the American First Day Cover Society has re-elected the Society's officers for another one-year term.

At the same time, the Board also selected Todd Ronnei of Minnesota for another term as its chairman.

The 2013 AFDCS officers will be Lloyd de Vries of New Jersey, president; Michael Litvak of California, executive vice president; Mark Goodson of Indiana, first vice president; Ralph Nafziger of Oregon, recording secretary; and Barry Ellis of Indiana, treasurer.

AFDCS officers are not compensated, nor reimbursed for their travel expenses. The Executive Committee, which also includes the executive director, immediate past president, editor, membership and education chairs, and the general counsel, meets annually at Americover, the society's annual show and convention, which this year is being held Aug. 16-18 in Independence, Ohio, near Cleveland.

The Executive Committee and AFDCS board will meet at Americover and each body conducts other business by mail ballots as needed.

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