AFDCS Needs Auction Donations

The present AFDCS Auction Committee has been putting together the two annual journal/website auctions for the past 11 years. The Committee is just completing the compilation for the next Auction 76 which will appear in the March issue of First Days.

At this time of year, we typically have a large quantity of material to start working on the following auction which will be published in the September issue. This is the first time during this 11-year period when we have almost no new material to write up for that September auction (#77). Yes, we will be receiving about 300 items from the Cachetmakers Contest donated entries, but we're still going to need at least 700 more items to put together a decent auction.

Many of our members have contributed material in the past, with some of you doing so on a regular basis, and your generosity is greatly appreciated.

I'm now asking that you help the AFDCS in this current "drought" by putting together a nice quantity of interesting covers, etc. and shipping it to me at your earliest convenience. While we are always in need of classic covers and covers from current cachetmakers, we would greatly appreciate any other interesting items that you wish to contribute.

Please send your donated covers and other items to:

Michael Litvak
1866 Loma Vista Street
Pasadena, CA 91104-4005

Thank you for supporting the AFDCS!

Michael Litvak
Auction Committee Chair

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