AFDCS Board Censures Miller

The Board of Directors of the American First Day Cover Society has voted to censure Foster E. Miller III, a member of the Board and the AFDCS Executive Committee for admitted misconduct affecting other organizations and harming the reputation of AFDCS.

The AFDCS Board based its action on the American Philatelic Society's investigation and decision to suspend Miller for five years for embezzling funds from NAPEX while serving as its treasurer.

In addition, while suspended from APS membership, Miller may not vote as a member of the AFDCS executive committee and board of directors. He may continue to serve as Membership Chair and in other positions with the AFDCS.

"Foster's misconduct as NAPEX treasurer is extremely disappointing to his colleagues in the AFDCS," said Chairman of the Board Todd Ronnei. "While we acknowledge all the good work he has done and will continue to do for the AFDCS, the board felt this censure and suspension of his voting privileges was necessary and appropriate under the circumstances."

The resolution can be read here.

Miller has admitted wrongdoing, made restitution to NAPEX, and apologized.

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