Youth Flag Cachet Project

Cachet Project: Flag for All Seasons
For Youth 6 - 18 Years Old

Design a cachet for the stamps, A Flag for All Seasons, seen at right. A cachet is any design which has been applied to an envelope usually on the left side of the envelope. A cachet may be created by any means— printed, rubberstamped, hand drawn, computer-generated, stickers, etc. A first day cachet should be related specifically to the stamp, in this case, the Flag for All Seasons stamps.

Your cachet should include a U.S. flag somewhere in the design and preferably in a scene that is related to one of the four seasons. Examples: a flag over a football stadium, a flag being carried in a parade, a flag in the hands of a snowman. Or think of places where the flag is flown and draw your cachet flag design to show a flag flying over a school, the flag over the White House or other government building or monument.

After the cachet is designed, turn the envelope over and write the complete name, mailing address, and age of the cachet artist.

Send the cachet to: MaryAnn Bowman, P.O. Box 1451, Waukesha, WI 53187.

These stamps will be issued in a booklet of 20 at StampShow in Milwaukee in August. They will be added to the submitted covers and receive first day cancels. The following weekend, at Americover 2013, some of the entries will be displayed. Americover is the stamp show of the American First Day Cover Society where a booklet of 10 of the Flags for All Seasons stamps will be issued. All covers will be returned to the artist along with a participation gift. Select designs may be chosen for publication.

Expenses for this project have been donated - there is no additional cost, other than the cost to mail the cachet to the project coordinator.

Download a flyer for this project.


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