Americover Show Hotel - Book It!

If you're planning to attend Americover 2013 (and I hope you are), I also hope you're staying in the show hotel. Normally, we hope for lots of "room-nights" (number of rooms times the number of nights they're occupied by Americover people) just because it benefits the AFDCS and the show's bottom line.

This year, I urge you to stay at the show hotel, the Embassy Suites, because it's a good deal for you. Not only do we have a $99 per night rate (the 22nd year in a row below $100!), but it includes a free breakfast buffet (with cooked-to-order omelets and more) and a nightly "manager's reception," with munchies and beverages (including beer).

About those benefits to the Society: It costs tens of thousands of dollars to put on a WSP-level stamp show like ours. Only some of that is covered by the dealers' bourse fees. We make a deal with the hotels: The people attending our show will fulfill at least a certain number of room nights and we will spend at least a certain amount at our food functions. Otherwise, the AFDCS has to pay for the use of the hotel's facilities, and those penalties start in five figures.

We don't charge admission to Americover, and, yeah, I see hotels in the Independence area as much as $16 less a night. But staying at the show hotel helps support the AFDCS - and this year we got a really good deal for you, too.

Use the code "AFD" to get the Americover 2013 rate at the Embassy Suites-Rockside.

Lloyd de Vries

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