New Cachetmakers List Planned

Calling All Cachetmakers! AFDCS Working On New Directory

The American First Day Cover Society is now preparing a new edition of its popular Current Cachetmakers Directory. Publication is scheduled for December 2013.

Cachets are the designs on first day cover envelopes and cards that enhance and amplify the stamp subject. Production methods range from home computer printing to engraved printing to individualized paintings. There can be hundreds of different cachets for each U.S. stamp.

The directory will include names, addresses, dates of the first cachets produced, the frequency with which cachets are produced, and other information. It is especially valuable to collectors specializing in a topic or issue who want to obtain as many different first day covers as possible for a stamp or set.

Ron Allen of Lexington, Kentucky, is the new compiler of the directory, and is soliciting information from cachetmakers, whether or not they are members of the AFDCS. There is no charge for being listed.

"As more and more FDCs are sold on eBay and other Internet sites, we are finding more and more cachetmakers who are not listed in the latest directory," Allen said. "We want to list every active cachetmaker, whether or not they are members of the AFDCS."

Those interested in being listed in the next edition of the AFDCS Current Cachetmakers Directory should complete this online form to provide Allen with the following information: Name of the cachet line, the cachetmaker's full name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number(s), website address, Scott number and year of first cacheted FDC produced, whether cachets are produced for all issues or only certain issues, and for what countries and topics cachets are produced.

Cachetmakers who are already listed should verify their information with Allen by contacting him with an update or just stating that the current listing is correct.

Also, the cachetmaker might want to mention whether FDCs for U.S. Sc. 4503 Jazz issue (2011) were produced and are still available, since Allen collects them.

He can be reached at or PO Box 12229, Lexington, KY 40581-2229.

As the largest not-for-profit organization in the world specifically for FDC collectors, the AFDCS sees fostering and promoting first day cover collecting as one of its missions, and this directory is part of that effort.


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