Moon Landing FDC Catalog Reborn


The Moon Landing cachet catalog has landed.

First issued in 1975, the newly-revised edition of this first day cover catalog for Sc. C76 Moon Landing is now available from the American First Day Cover Society. It may be downloaded in the Marketplace section of the AFDCS website at $10 for AFDCS members and $12 for non-members. Printed copies are $14 and $16, respectively, and may be ordered online or from AFDCS Sales, Post Office Box 44, Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-0044.

The original edition, by Monte Eiserman and Harry L. Anderson, contained illustrations of 205 FDCs, history of the designing and production of the stamp, the first day activities, plate number information, postmarks, and descriptions of the three first day ceremonies. Over the years, some of that material was cut from subsequent editions, while more illustrations were added.

It has been out of print for at least five years.

The 2014 edition, revised by David S. Zubatsky, restores all the introductory material and adds more information. It also includes all the original black and white illustrations.

"The 1969 First Man on the Moon stamp is the most iconic space related stamp ever issued," says stamp designer Chris Calle, whose father Paul designed what became Sc. C76. "As a collector of the C76 issue this is a most welcome catalogue for space collectors worldwide."


First Days Online For All Members

First Days, the award-winning journal of the American First Day Cover Society, is now available online to all classes of membership. The magazine is one of the principal benefits of membership in the AFDCS.

Each issue will be available in three different versions:
  • A page-flip version which simulates an actual magazine on a monitor connected to a Windows or Macintosh computer;
  • A mobile version for use on tablets, phones and other mobile devices; and
  • A .pdf version, whose file can be downloaded and saved.
The online editions are available to members as soon as the issue is submitted to the printer, allowing earlier access to the journal, and without the problems inherent in postal delivery.

The AFDCS offers several levels of membership: Online, which does not include a printed copy of First Days; Regular, which does; Silver and Gold, which allow members to express their support of the AFDCS and first day cover collecting; and Life, which includes both the online and hard-copy magazines.

Members who want access to these digital editions of First Days, as well as other AFDCS digital publications planned for the near future, and have not previously registered on the site should click on “Member Register” in the top left corner of the AFDCS website,

"Digital publishing of hobby publications is the future, and now, for the AFDCS, it’s the present," said AFDCS president Lloyd A. de Vries. “I especially want to thank webmaster Todd Ronnei, who spent months seeking and then testing the necessary software.”

Ronnei was also responsible for compiling a digital archive of First Days from the first issue in 1955 through 2011, which is available on a DVD for $79 or a flash drive for $89. An update disk is planned covering subsequent years, although .pdf files of all issues from January 2011 to the present are still available.

Richard A. Monty, 1935-2013


The American First Day Cover Society is mourning the death of Richard A. Monty, a long-time leader of the organization, and a pioneer in cachet research. He was 78.

"Dick was a tireless volunteer for AFDCS, ever willing to step up when the Society needed help. His service in many, varied roles rendered him invaluable," said Allison Cusick, who was executive vice president and president when Monty first took on AFDCS leadership roles.

"For some 30 years, Dick was the backbone of the Society," added current AFDCS president Lloyd de Vries. "His FDC research was also invaluable."

Monty was chairman of the Board of Directors from the board's creation in 1986 to 1988 and again from 1991 to 2008 – a total of 21 years.

He was an avid collector of first cachets, the first envelope designs produced by a particular FDC servicer. He began documenting them in First Days in 1982, and then had an update in practically every issue for nearly 30 years. He was a co-author of Mellone's First Cachets: A FDC Reference Catalog, first published in 1980, and became its lead author by 1989. He also wrote The Specialized Catalogue of Jacques Minkus F.D.C.s and Patriotic Cachets (1977).

Monty was an active member of the First Days editorial team, and wrote hundreds of articles for the AFDCS journal. His first was in 1976, just three years after he began collecting FDCs.

He also joined the AFDCS in June 1973 and became a life member four years later. Earlier that same year, 1977, he took his first leadership position, Slide Program Editor. By 1979, he was executive vice president, and took over as president a year later.

Monty was a recipient of the AFDCS Distinguished Service Award, and was named an Honorary Life Member in 2001.

Monty was born in Sanford, Maine, on April 2, 1935. He attended Boston University, Columbia University, and the University of Rochester, from which he earned a doctorate in experimental psychology. He retired as chief of psychological research on vision, hearing and memory from the Army Research Laboratory at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in 1997.

To make a contribution to the AFDCS in Dick Monty’s memory, please click here.

Americover 2014 Jury Named

Exhibits Jury Set for Americover 2014

Nancy B. Clark of Massachusetts will head the exhibits jury at Americover 2014, a World Series of Philately show that will be held Aug. 15-17 in Somerset, N.J.

Clark will be assisted by Robert Henak of Wisconsin, Eliot Landau of Illinois, Jeffrey Shapiro of Massachusetts, and Hal Vogel of New Jersey.

The prospectus is now available for download via this link, by regular mail from Kerry Heffner, 17656 K Street, Omaha, NE 68135-3491, or e-mail at The deadline for entering the Americover 2014 exhibition is June 1, 2014, or whenever the 160 available frames fill up, as happened last year.

The emphasis at Americover is on First Day Cover exhibits, and about three-fourths of each exhibit should consist of FDCs and related material. All three divisions (Postal, Illustrated Mail and Display) of the General class of exhibits will be accepted, as well as One-Frame and Youth exhibits.

Clark, pictured at left, exhibits FDCs of the 2007 Jamestown Settlement stamp and the U.S. Revalued Postal Stationery of 1971. She is a past treasurer of the American Philatelic Society, and a recipient of the APS Luff and Kehr awards. She also has hosted the APS StampTalk Internet radio program for ten years.

Henak collects FDCs of the Prevent Drug Abuse stamp. He is also exhibits chair for Milcopex, the Milwaukee WSP show, and is active in several Milwaukee-area philatelic organizations.

Landau’s first day cover exhibits have won many gold medals and even the grand award at Americover. He is current general counsel of the AFDCS and a director of Chicagopex, also a WSP show.

Shapiro is active in Boston area philately and has held leadership positions with the United States Stamp Society, the Northeast Federation of Stamp Clubs, Philatelic Show, the American Air Mail Society, and the Spellman Philatelic Museum.

Vogel is a recognized world authority on polar history and polar philately and received the first doctorate awarded in polar studies. An accredited APS philatelic and literature judge, he has also judged shows in France, Germany and Australia. He is a published authority on USA and foreign FDCs associated with Antarctic Treaty anniversary issues, as well as the FDCs of the 1933-35 Byrd Expedition issues.

As a WSP show, the winner of the Grand Award at Americover 2014 will be part of the Champion of Champions competition at Stampshow 2015. Andrew McFarlane, winner of the 2013 Grand with "First Days of the 1929 George Rogers Clark Commemorative," will represent Americover this summer in Hartford, Conn.

The Americover Grand prize is again a crystal pyramid provided by the AFDCS' Claude C. Ries Chapter.

In addition, if six or more competitive single-frame exhibits are entered, the Curtis B. Patterson Award recipient for the best single-frame exhibit will be invited to enter the APS Single-Frame Champion of Champions competition at AmeriStamp Expo in 2015.

Besides its Grand and Reserve Grand awards, Americover offers special awards from both the AFDCS and other philatelic societies, including ones for best exhibits of foreign FDCs, topical FDCs, pre-1931 FDCs, best exhibits by a novice and a youth, and best single-frame exhibit.

The three-day World Series of Philately show will be held at the DoubleTree Somerset Hotel & Conference Center, and there is a special Americover room rate of $99. There also will be two bourses (commercial dealers and cachetmakers), a banquet, meetings, a youth table, a hospitality suite, live and silent auctions, seminars, a pre-show tour of the area, a post-show evening dinner event, and possibly a U.S. first day ceremony. A forum by a postal official involved with first day covers is also on the schedule.

Unlike other WSP shows, Americover's exhibit awards are not presented at its banquet (which is held Friday night), but at the AFDCS Business Meeting Saturday morning.

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